Dancer. Painter.
Dreamer & Cart-wheeler.

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I thought this was cute c:
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Penny short

Eighth day in a row working 9-10 hour shifts everyday. Thank God i can get away with texting or this would be an absolute nightmare. But not going to lie, my job’s pretty chill. Today for two hours, i got paid to sit on top of the freezer and crush oreos in a bucket. Afterwards it got pretty busy. I had to work through a couple rushes and deal with a few dumbass customers. But i can’t complain really. I’m getting money and that’s what i keep telling myself. This is going to help pay the never ending bills. And hopefully CBK works out tomorrow. Because i don’t want a gap between this job and my next. I don’t want to be wasting time. Ugh, i wish this stuff was easier. Or i could win the lottery. Because this minimum wage crap is not cutting it.

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Your Song - Ellie Goulding

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Working towards a common goal.

Just hope today goes better than yesterday. I can’t deal with much more of this.

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Working 8 hours every day for the next three days and then hopefully every day next week. I’m bringing in the dough. Hopefully this lasts.

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